Dear Minisymposium Organizers,

Minisymposia have been assigned to the parallel sessions. See attached schedule. Please inform the speakers in your minisymposium.

The minisymposia are numbered as:

1. Chemo-Hydrodynamics
Marcello A. Budroni
2. Chemobrionics: Fluid Dynamics and Complexity
Silvana Cardoso
3. Complex Networks: Delays and Collective Dynamics
Yuliya Kyrychko
4. Complex Patterns on Networks
Jan Totz
5. Complicated Dynamics and Chaos in Cell Systems
Marek Kimmel
6. Covariant Lyapunov Vectors and Applications
Juan M. López
7. Dynamical Network Control and Applications to Power Grids
Simona Olmi
8. Dynamics of Reaction Systems in Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Biochemistry
Ljiljana Kolar-Anic
9. Fluid Dynamics Simulation Tools: Softwares through the Eye of the Physicist
Izabella J. Benczik
10. Nonlinear Delay Equations
Gergely Röst
11. Self-organization, Self-propulsion, Compartmentalization and Their Applications
István Lagzi
12. Snapshot and Pullback Attractors, a Framework for Understanding Nonautonomous Dissipative Dynamics
Michael Ghil
13. Stability in Non-autonomous Complex Dynamics
Aneta Stefanovska
14. Synchronization Patterns in Networks: Theory and Applications
István Z. Kiss
15. THz Waves and Laser Dynamics
Fumiyoshi Kuwashima